AFAA Code Of Conduct

AFAA Code of Professional Conduct

1. The Intermediary is required to perform their activities conscientiously,
and conduct their profession and other business practices in
a manner worthy of respect and befitting their profession.

2. The Intermediary agrees unconditionally to abide by the statutes,
regulations, directives and decisions of the competent bodies of FIFA,
the confederations and the relevant national associations including the FFA.

3. The Intermediary shall always adhere to the truth, clarity and
objectivity in their dealings with their clients, negotiating partners and
other parties.

4. The Intermediary shall, without fail, respect the rights of their
negotiating partners and third parties. In particular, they shall respect
the contractual relations of their professional colleagues and shall refrain
from any action that could entice currently contracted clients away from other AFAA member intermediaries.

5. a) The intermediary shall conduct a minimum of bookkeeping on
their business activity. In particular, they shall ensure that they can
provide evidence of this activity or dealings on behalf of their contracted players at any time by means of documents and other records.

b) The intermediary shall keep all of the books conscientiously and detail their business activity faithfully in other records.

c) At the request of any regulatory authorities conducting an investigation into
disciplinary cases and other disputes, the intermediary is required
to produce books and records directly connected with the case in

d) The intermediary shall produce an invoice showing their fees,
expenses and any other charges within one (1) day from the first demand from their client.

6. The Intermediary is prohibited from taking a dispute to ordinary
Courts of Law as stipulated in the FIFA Statutes and is required
to submit any claim to the jurisdiction of the national association or FIFA.
The Intermediary shall, however, be permitted to use the ordinary Courts of Law in the event that their relevant national association or FIFA refuse them access to their own dispute resolution or grievance processes.


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