The leading professional football agents association in Australia

The Australian Football Agents Association (AFAA) is the leading football intermediary association in Australia and an active stakeholder in the Australia football landscape. AFAA promotes the common goal of sustaining the continued growth of Australian football for all our professional footballers.


Australian Football Agents Association was founded to provide leading Australian player agents and football intermediaries with professional support and further continuing training and education.

AFAA has close stakeholder relationships with the PFA and the European Football Agents Association.

All Australian Football Agents Association members provide a range of agency services to the industry’s highest standards and all  members must have professional indemnity insurance and have passed due diligence checks.
AFAA’s objectives include:


• ensure better regulation of the Australian football player agents’ profession;
• promote better accreditation and quality standards;
• support better dispute resolution mechanism for player agent disputes; and,
• promote the image of Australian football agents.